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  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Nov. 16, 2016
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Call Me FriendAre you looking for resources to help your church become a more inclusive and welcoming community? The latest release in the Irresistible Church book series by Joni and Friends, “Call Me Friend,” explores the Buddy Program, a ministry that many churches find successful in welcoming those with disabilities into their congregations and encouraging their spiritual growth.

“Buddy ministry is about more than just making a church service a viable option for caregivers who never seem to get a break,” explains author Kate Brueck. “It is ultimately about making the life of your church accessible to all, and communicating how Christ and His kingdom accept all who come to Him in faith, regardless of their inherent abilities and disabilities.”

All of the books in the Irresistible Church series are free! These easy-to-read resources include links to downloadable tools such as worksheets for gauging needs and training modules for volunteers.

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