You are Sending the Gospel That Changes Lives

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Dec. 3, 2013
  • Wheels For The World

Jordani learning to use his walkerJordani in his wheelchair from Wheels for the World

“I want Jordani to walk...” whispered his mother, Maribel, as our Wheels for the World volunteers in the Dominican Republic listened. Little Jordani is 6 years old and sustained a brain injury that left him partially paralyzed. “Is there any hope for my son?” she asked. Because Joni and Friends volunteer teams include professional physical therapists, Maribel was able to receive the answer to her question. A walker was brought out and Jordani took his first shaky steps. It was hard work and he tired quickly. But God gave Jordani’s mother the hope she was looking for. Over time, Jordani will walk. Our therapists showed his mother how to help him practice. Because of your prayer and God’s provision, he also received a custom fit wheelchair. Joni and Friends’ in-country partners will remain in contact, and Wheels for the World teams will be back to check progress over time. But God had even more for Jordani and his mother that day! “Can we share some Good News with you?” Maribel nodded eagerly and the Gospel message was shared. “This story of Jesus is one I have never heard before,” said Maribel. Maribel bowed her head to invite “El Salvador” (the Savior) into her heart and life. “I have new faith and hope,” she cried. “God will be my strength!”


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