Your Love Brings Hope to Hurting Families

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Dec. 20, 2012
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Deanne, Grant, and Nathan having fun at Family RetreatDeanne and Grant are the parents of three children, and Nathan has autism. “Families who deal with disabilities feel so beaten down every day,” explains Deanne. “Life goes from one bill or therapy session to another. We’re consumed by autism.” Because of faithful friends like you, the Nelson family experienced their first Family Retreat. “The thought of five days where Nathan could actually do well …it seemed impossible,” explained Deanne. “But God wrote our names on people’s hearts—we were given a scholarship. Then we knew He was making it possible! Family Retreat is one miracle after another! We have a little boy out there swimming and having the time of his life—not one breakdown, not one problem—he’s just a kid this week!” Your prayers and love are bringing new hope to families like the Deanne and Grant’s. “The message at Family Retreat is that God is glorified in our weakness,” says Deanne, “and that’s a message parents of a disabled child need to hear.” 

2013 Family Retreat registration will open January. Please view the 2013 schedule to find a Retreat in your area. We look forward to serving you in 2013! 


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1 Comment

More than a decade ago, The Lord used a JAF mailing on Family Retreats to catch my eye and get my attention. A dear friend is a single parent who is herself disabled with a disabled child. Right away I knew what to them get to a Family Retreat. So began the annual project I undertook for 5 or so years to sponsors and round up sponsors for my friends to attend the annual JAF retreat. It was a real mission for me each year as I looked forward to seeing who in their lives and mine The Lord would prompt to give toward this annual respite for them. I'm grateful to Joni and Friends for all of their ministry to the disabled especially the Family Retreats that I'm convinced keep the families going and give them lifelong friendships, too. If you have a disabled friend, prayerfully consider helping him/her and his/her family to attend a Family Retreat. If you don't know anyone personally, prayerfully consider giving to the Family Retreat fund that provides scholarships for those who need to attend but can't come up with all of the funds themselves. My friend was helped by this fund many times.
  • Jan. 5, 2013
  • 6:01 a.m.
  • Susan