"My Prayer is that God Will Work in Your Lives the Same Way He Did in Mine...Thank You!"

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Jan. 20, 2017
  • Wheels For The World

Wheels for the WorldWhen you send a Bible and a wheelchair overseas to a child with a disability, the spiritual impact changes every member of the family! Recently in Guatemala, Susana brought her five-year-old son, Marvin, with multiple disabilities to receive a wheelchair at our Wheels for the World distribution. Feeling hopeless, exhausted, and out of options, Susana knew she could never afford a wheelchair for Marvin. Susana collects wood and herbs in the countryside to earn a living for her family of four. Her husband left her for another woman, and she struggles each day simply to put food on the table. This family’s poverty was too great, and owning a wheelchair seemed like an impossible dream for Susana… 

But your gifts and prayers made it possible for Marvin to receive a wheelchair that very day! Susana watched as our Wheels team of volunteer physical therapists and mechanics tenderly and perfectly fit Marvin to his very own brand-new pediatric wheelchair. Susana wanted to share with you, “Thank you! I would never have had enough money to afford this wheelchair. I can never repay you all for what you have done for me and my son today. I pray God will reward you in the same way you’ve rewarded me today.” Give a wheelchair and the Gospel today! Thank you for choosing to invest your treasure in Christ’s eternal kingdom! 


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