Give The Perfect Gift and Change a Life!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Nov. 16, 2015
  • Wheels For The World

Pedro in his new wheelchairJoy to the World – the Lord is come! This is so much more than a Christmas carol. It can be the joyful song of every disabled child who receives a wheelchair wrapped with the love of Jesus this Christmas! There’s no better gift than God’s love. And for a disabled person, no gift shows God’s love better than a wheelchair. This Christmas, you can send that perfect gift. And change a life.

When Pedro was born deaf and with cerebral palsy, his mother, Yusimy, knew life would never be the same for their family. As a single mother living in Cuba, the stigma and the shame of having a son with a disability weighed down hard on her. She waited and prayed for the impossible…a wheelchair for her son. “We were so happy to hear the news about Joni and Friends because we had been told it was impossible to receive a wheelchair for Pedro’s size and needs!” said Yusimy.

It was more than Yusimy ever dreamed possible for her son. “We couldn’t take Pedro to therapy or to deaf school to learn sign language because we had no wheelchair,” she told us. This wheelchair opens a new world for Pedro, a kind of world where he can now communicate and “speak” through sign language to his family. This Christmas, you can give the perfect gift … a gift that changes lives! Just $150 sends a wheelchair to a disabled child or adult in a developing country where wheelchairs are scarce. And the Gospel is shared with every family. Your gift of any amount will help. Thank you for helping change lives in Jesus’ name! 

Give The Perfect Gift!


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