Radio Contest Winner - Congratulations Dorothea!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Jan. 15, 2017

Dorothea and Tim

To celebrate 35 years of Joni and Friends radio, we held a contest last week inviting you to share on our blog how Joni’s radio program has impacted your life. This week, we’re featuring the winning entry. Congratulations to Dorothea, who will be receiving the book “God Gave Us Easter,” Joni’s Spirit Wings CD, and more! She’s pictured here with her oldest son, Tim. Please take a moment to read Dorothea's post, and be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

“Hi, I've read Joni's first book, "Joni" when I was 16. (I'm 55 now). Your book became my 2nd bible. I carried it in my purse reading it over and over, underlining things that spoke to me. In listening to your program I have always experienced a spark of hope. I've been through a lot and your words encourage me to go on. To keep lifting my head. To keep getting back up again. Whether I win or not, no big, I'm glad to have the opportunity to let you know that your life, your suffering, is an encouragement to me and I know to millions of others. The Lord Jesus bless you and Ken. ”

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