Free eBook “Shout for Joy!” is Now Available!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Jan. 31, 2017
  • In the Media

Shout for Joy!The latest release in the Irresistible Church book series by Joni and Friends is “Shout for Joy!” This eBook gives practical solutions for how churches can modify their environment to make it more welcoming and inclusive for worshipers of all abilities. Similar to previous Irresistible Church resources, the book leads readers into understanding that we need to move beyond simply ministering to those with disabilities and become co-laborers with them as we grow to understand their gifts and how God can use them to serve others.

“Why does accessible worship matter?” author Karen Roberts asks, and responds, “It matters because people matter. It matters because the gospel matters. By structuring our churches in a way that allows all people to worship, we are communicating the truth that all people can have a life-giving relationship with Christ. There is nothing more important in this life than believing and sharing the gospel. By engaging in accessible worship, we are opening the door for all people to believe and share the gospel.”

All of the books in the Irresistible Church series are free! These easy-to-read resources include links to downloadable tools such as worksheets for gauging needs and training modules for volunteers.

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