I have fibromyalgia and people don't understand.

Fibromyalgia InformationQ: I have fibromyalgia with related chronic pain and this battle is just so constant! And so often, people don’t understand why I’m sick, or even believe that I am. Can you help?

A: Joni often acknowledges the unique challenges of an invisible disability because it is so difficult for others to identify and understand. The disabilities may be invisible, but they are so very real! We highly recommend two encouraging resources Joni has written, both of which take a close look at our suffering and how it fits into God’s sovereign plans: Pain and Providence and A Place of Healing. Also, Joni appeared on a special episode of the John Ankerberg Show, exploring How God Can Help You Deal with Chronic Pain, Disability, and Illness.

Focus on the Family offers a very insightful series of articles written by Mary J. Yerkes entitled “Living with Chronic Pain and Illness.” In these articles, Yerkes explores the affects of chronic illness on individuals, how they discover joy through the Lord, and what the Bible says about pain and suffering. You may also find encouragement through Rest Ministries, a ministry to the chronically ill. Other organizations such as the American Chronic Pain Association may help you provide medical information for your family and friends.