The Peacock Feather

  • Dec. 16, 2011
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Joni shares that the intricacies of a peacock feather reveal God's creative genius.

The Peacock Feather

The Peacock Feather Blog Post

Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and you’re listening to "Joni and Friends".

I have a short story I want to share today, because I’ve got to tell you about this beautiful peacock feather I keep on my bathroom counter. I got it when I attended the bridal shower for Amy, our radio coordinator (she loves all things related to peacocks and the colors purple, teal and gold really look great on her). Anyway, that day at the bridal shower, I kept marveling at the unbelievably beautiful and elegant design of this single peacock feather – she had given a feather to all of us. It fascinated me so much, I just could not bring myself to throw it away, so I brought it home and propped it up on the corner of my bathroom counter because every morning, I just have to look at it and, oh my, I suddenly find myself praising God for His creative design and genius!!

Because just imagine, bear with me… imagine that feather: When you think of all those thin individual strands that form the turquoise “eye” of the feather you follow that exact same strand and it changes from turquoise to green, and then finally to gold. What’s more, finger the thin strand next to that one, and it changes color at a different place on the strand; and the next one and the next one, all of those thin strands forming a beautiful circular eye on the feather. It’s amazing! Just consider all the little genetic ‘keys’ in that feather’s DNA that have to turn “on and off” at just the right sequence in order to create such a marvelous, colorful design. 

You tell me that evolved. You just try to tell me – tell anyone – that the design on that peacock feather just happened by chance! What’s more, think of the larger design when those hundreds of feathers fan out into the peacock’s glorious plume? Each little turquoise eye creates a stunning overall pattern whenever that big bird spreads his tail wide what a pattern. God did that! And it is amazing. 

Look, you probably need a visual for all this, so Amy and I took a snapshot of that feather and we posted it on my radio page at because I'm convinced God created the peacock to teach us how to meditate on his creative genius. Oh, the complex design from the smallest strands, to the whole feather, and then to the whole plume of the tail – it is something you just have to meditate upon to appreciate the point God was making when He gave us the peacock. It’s a walking, strutting visual of elegant design, all of it pointing (not to evolutionary chance, no way), but to our great Creator God. Job 37 says, “Do you know the wonders of him who is perfect in knowledge?” Well, find a peacock feather and take 15 minutes to just examine it and all its individual strands… it’ll give you a head start on understanding the wonders of God. 

So come on over to my radio page and take a look at that photo we posted on today when we’re done here; oh, and while you’re visiting, don’t forget to ask for the foldout of my Christmas paintings. And this weekend, join me in pondering, in meditating on, and in thinking about, not only the glories of God's creation… but the glory in the design of the salvation story, because there’s nothing more breathtaking than the story of God taking on the flesh of man. Jesus Christ was born a baby to rescue sinners like you and me. That is the wonder of Him who is perfect in knowledge, perfect in love and perfect in forgiveness. God bless you and thanks for listening, friend… have a great weekend getting ready for Christmas!

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