Shon Stewart Interview

  • May 1, 2013
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Ever since he was a kid, Shon Stewart has had a gift for singing. From his wheelchair, Shon lifts up his voice to Jesus and encourages you to do the same.

Shon Stewart Interview

Joni: I'm Joni Eareckson Tada with a special guest today on "Joni and Friends.” And my guest is a young man that I have known about for years. His name is Shon Stewart and Shon’s mother wrote me about her son ages ago and I have always kept tabs on how he’s doing. Shon has cerebral palsy and a very special talent he’s going to tell you about today. I first met Shon when he was very young, and today as a young adult, he is my guest. Shon, welcome, I feel as though I know you so well.

Shon: Thank you. It’s an honor to be here today.             

Joni: Tell us a little bit about your disability…

Shon: Well, as you said, I have cerebral palsy. I was born two and a half months prematurely, and I weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces. They gave my parents the option of cutting the life support and just leaving me alone and see what happens. They said, “No; we want him to live.” They weren’t Christians at the time and so that was obviously God-ordained.

Joni: I’m so glad they made that choice.

Shon: And the Lord brought them to faith through the trial of my birth.

Joni: So your cerebral palsy is what God used to bring your mom and dad to Jesus.

Shon: Amazingly, yes!

Joni: That’s worth it, isn’t it?

Shon: Yep!

Joni: Well, I know that you have a lot of talent wrapped up in that head and heart of yours – a talent for singing. What blesses you most when you sing?

Shon: Oh, boy! That’s a really hard question, but I’ll try to answer. I listen to music a lot and I sing to God; that’s my way of being in tune with God. I’ve told people that it brings me to another dimension; it brings me to a spiritual feeling of just peace and serenity.

Joni: Well, you know you and I are of kindred spirits because I’m the exact same way. I comfort myself with singing—singing hymns of the faith and scripture songs; right?

Shon: Yes.

Joni: Now, do you have a favorite hymn you like to sing?

Shon: Yes I do. I’ve always liked to sing Amazing Grace.

Joni: Well, I’ve got to hear you do it and I think our friends listening would like to hear.

Shon: (Shon sings “Amazing Grace”)

Joni: Wow! Your pitch is a whole lot better than mine. And you know what, I can tell looking at your face as you sing that hymn means a lot to you.

Shon: I was very privileged before we started to hear your recording and it brought tears to my eyes.

Joni: Well, it brought tears to my eyes to hear you sing. You know God’s grace is amazing, isn’t it? And you have a website don’t you Shon?

Shon: Yes I do, it’s with Focus on the Family and John Trent, its called You can also go to and there is a link to my web site there.

Joni: And you are inviting people to send you the songs they have written?

Shon: Yes. We have actually had a few submissions already, so it’s neat.

Joni: So, Shon, real quickly: what advice would you give a mother who let’s say is pregnant and she just learned that the child she is carrying has perhaps the chance of being born with a disability? What would you say to encourage her?

Shon: First of all, let him live. I believe that God has … any baby has the right to survive and live. Also, give them the most love you can; if they are able to be educated at all, I would encourage education and definitely faith in the Lord for sure.

Joni: Well, I can tell that your mom and dad have given you a great deal of love. I can see it in your smile; see it in your eyes; and I can hear it in your voice. Friend listening, I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Shon today as much as I have enjoyed spending this time with him! And if you’d like to visit Shon’s website, go to my radio page today at and we will provide a link so you can not only listen to Shon’s songs but, hey, maybe you’d like to submit a song you’ve written for him to sing. It’s all there for you at Shon, for coming to visit!

Shon: You’re welcome. Thank you so much.

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