Through the Bible in a Year

  • Dec. 20, 2011
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Joni interviews Ken about reading the entire Bible together in 2012.

Joni: Winter begins tomorrow – another change of seasons! Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to "Joni and Friends." Ken, welcome!

Ken: Thank you Joni. It’s always nice to be here with you.

Joni: And, Ken, whenever there’s a change of seasons, I like to think it’s God's way of getting us ready for something new, something fresh, something a little different…

Ken: And you know what else happens at the change of the seasons? We start to read through the Bible again together.

Joni: I can’t wait. I think our friends listening probably know this but one of the things that you and I will be doing again as the new year starts is reading through the Bible in a year. 

Ken: It’s most exciting Joni. You know I did this six years ago by myself the first year but then decided to do it together as a couple. 

Joni: You’ll never know how it warmed my heart when on the last week of December that year you said, “Hey won’t you join my, Joni, in reading through the Bible in a year?”

Ken: And you know what’s really neat that we were able to do this year? 

Joni: What?

Ken: Reading the Bible together chronologically. 

Joni: Absolutely. I love the deal about reading the Bible chronologically. What do you appreciate about it?

Ken: Joni, when you read chronologically it's fun because you could be in the middle of Genesis and also reading Job rather than just staying with one book at a time. So it was really exciting.

Joni: And friend listening, Ken and I would really like you to join us… we challenge you (don’t we Ken) or you and your spouse, or your friend)… we’d like you to join us in going through the Bible in 2012 and to do it chronologically… we love this chronological way of reading it.

Ken: And doing it with your wife or your spouse is huge. It really has opened doors for us as a couple.

Joni: Right now you and I are reading in the book of Hebrews, but just a short time ago when we were reading in the book of Acts, (you’ll probably remember this Ken) we were in Acts one night and then all of a sudden when we turned the page we were in the book of James … then when we were still in the book of Acts, the book of Galatians was thrown in there, then a little bit more in Acts… then I and II Corinthians. It was so cool to see in the book of Acts where Paul wrote these wonderful epistles. It really gives you a sense of the flow of Biblical history… you get to see who was a contemporary of whom. Remember when we were back in the Old Testament, Ken? It was so wonderful to be reading in Isaiah and learn about Hezekiah and then some of the Minor Prophets were thrown in there. It was remarkable.

Ken: Well sometimes when you go through portions of the Bible it can be kind of stale reading all those names but this way it kept it alive for us because it gave us a timeline to follow and that was very cool.

Joni: So, friend, if you’d like to join Ken and me in this fresh commitment to read through God's Word chronologically next year (and do it in a year)then visit our radio page at We’ve taken the actual reading schedule off of the Bible Gateway website, but we’ve condensed it onto just three pages so you can fold it and easily tuck it into your Bible. 

Ken: And Joni if folks don’t want to go online, they can write us at Joni and Friends, P.O. Box 3333, Agoura Hills, CA  91376. 

Joni: However you do it, just do it and enjoy reading God's Word chronologically every day. Get all the details on our radio page at

Ken: We want to wish everybody a great Christmas week…

Joni: Absolutely! And also a Happy New Year coming up…

Ken: And hopefully they will be reading the Bible with us.

Joni: And friends would you let us know on the radio page if you decide to read through the Bible chronologically with Ken and me? You can leave me a comment on our radio page or post it on “Joni’s Blog” on Joni’s Corner there on our website. We would love to know exactly who’s going to be partnering with us in this marvelous journey of reading through the Bible in a year chronologically.  

Joni and Ken: Love you!

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